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About VoteBD

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Goals and Objectives

Elections are one of the most important prerequisites for democracy. The people participate in the governance process by voting and electing their representatives. Information about the candidates is very important so that the voters can choose the right representative, as it is one of the basic rights of the voters.

According to the Supreme Court of India, 'Voting in elections involves the freedom of speech of the electorate, that is, the freedom of speech or exercise of the vote by voting. For this reason, it is important to get information about the candidates participating in the election.

Our High Court also said, 'People have a right to know about candidates and this right to know includes their right to vote. But in our country election candidates rarely inform the voters about them. As a result, voters usually vote for brands, parties, local influences or money. As a result, the expectations of the voters are not reflected in the election.

In this context, for good governance, 'Sujan' started the work of empowering the voters about the candidates on the eve of the Union Parishad elections in 2002 and distributed various information about the candidates among the people. Following this, a web site called "Vote of Bangladesh" has been created to include and publish information about the candidates of different political parties ahead of the ninth parliamentary elections. Candidate profiles are made up of personal, political, economic and social information of the candidates. This will enable the voters to decide to vote knowing, hearing and understanding about the candidates. Our efforts will be successful if the information provided about the candidates helps the voters in selecting the candidates.