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Manthan Award was given to 6 initiatives of Bangladesh including Shujan's VoteBD

Recently, the Citizens for Good Governance website Votbdidtorg) has received the prestigious Manthan Award for the application of ICT concepts for the development of South Asia. Shujan's volunteer Syed Ziaul Habib Ruban officially accepted the award on behalf of the people for good governance in Delhi on October 18.

Citizens for Good Governance started the work of empowering the voters on the eve of the Union Parishad elections in 2002 and collected various information of the candidates and distributed it among the people in the form of leaflets. Following this, the recently completed 9 municipalities and 4 city corporations posted the personal information of all the candidates on the website. Where candidate profiles have been created with personal, political, economic and social information of the candidates. It is to be noted that the candidates provide all this information to the Election Commission before submitting the nomination papers. The availability of information on the website will enable voters to cast their votes knowing, hearing and understanding the candidates. This web application is designed in such a way that it will be possible to hand over all the information to the candidates in any upcoming election. Shujan has also made all kinds of preparations ahead of the ninth general elections.

At the awards ceremony in Delhi, the esteemed guests highly praised the VoteBD site. The archive ( is packed with information on corruption. The archive is presented by collecting the news of corruption of politicians, bureaucrats and business people from one of the 8/9 national dailies. It was suggested that similar initiatives could be taken in other SAARC countries. Many are hopeful that the site will play a significant role in eradicating corruption in Bangladesh. In addition, for the first time, the adventurous task of posting the voter list of Bangladesh (6.5 crore) on the web was mentioned as a pioneering role in the development of ICT in Bangladesh. It is noteworthy that a feature was previously published in Time Magazine on the removal of the voter list. After entering the information of the candidates, the roundtable meeting was officially inaugurated by the Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Shujan at a round table meeting at the CIRDAP auditorium on July 3. ATM Shamsul Huda. He also praised the site and promised to help with the information.

It is to be noted that the initiator of the Manthan Award is the Digital Empowerment Foundation of India. Has been hosting the IT Summit since 2004 and introduced the award system. Recognized as Indian e-content, the award is being extended to eight South Asian countries for the first time. In this year's competition, 284 initiatives were submitted from eight countries. Of these, 274 initiatives were initially nominated. In the end, the esteemed jury awarded 33 initiatives in 13 categories. Out of 13 initiatives nominated from Bangladesh, 8 have been awarded. The other 5 initiatives are Unnayan TV, Netbetar, Zion-IKB, Haimanti and Selbazar.

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